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The Gloss Fox Tales

Honey Jar with Lenormand elementsA couple of months ago I was invited to teach a workshop on divination anchored in the context of hoodoo, which is a primary source of magical services I offer to clients. The specific focus of this course was learning to asses magical conditions, i.e. evil eye, by using a divinatory instrument — be it cards, bones, omens, or what have you.

The workshop was a success, and I’ll be offering a more elaborate version at the Hoodoo Heritage Festival held by Lucky Mojo and the Missionary Independent Church next year.

Although this workshop ties directly to the conjure and Southern folk magic traditions, I believe the “Core Rules” I use in my practice are relevant across the board and help polish any forms of divination.

Below is an excerpt focused on the core principals helping me to get a grip on multiple layers of information that often appear in…

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In the begining on the edge of a mountain, i stood over looking the ocean. Wild and free, of perfect innocence. Full of trust in my own balance and faith in the future…i dived straight into the mystery. high under the surface, dwell aquatic angels who fill my lungs with a kiss of breath. In awe of the beauty, i paused for a moment and then in a rhythmic trance i became my depths.